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13 August 2012

TNT Express introduces bright new packaging

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TNT Express presented its new packaging line at the Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit in London at the end of April. New envelopes, satchels and corrugated boxes ensure higher resistance to damage due to innovative folding methods and stronger glue,  are more cost efficient to produce, and underline TNT’s commitment to sustainability. New packaging will bring annual cost savings of €I millionand estimated yearly CO2 reduction of 4.9 tonnes.

The new range of packaging was developed as a part of the Standardisation and Optimisation project coordinated by the Global Procurement Department approved in 2009. TNT Express used to have 145 items of packaging, from now on there will be just 30 of them. “We analysed the differences and similarities of all the operational consumables, then developed solutions based on what would suit our operations best, benchmarking our requirements against industry standards,“ explains Hannelore Scholten, Senior Global Purchaser, who managed the project. 
Process of rationalization started in 2010 and was finnished by the launch of new packaging. New items ensure higher resistance to damage due to innovative folding methods and stronger glue. The new packaging line also uses less material and ink, therefore contributing to the environment and lowering production and waste-related costs.
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