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23 December 2014

Thank you for Reconstructing the State with us!

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Another year—our second—has gone by for Reconstruction of the State, and we’re happy to have had you by our side during our continuing push for anti-corruption reforms in the Czech Republic. Before you take a holiday rest from politics, let us guide you through the positive changes that we’ve achieved together so far:

  • 2 bills passed—one for the abolition of anonymous shares, and another for a transparent legislative process.
  • Another bill—for independent audits of state-owned enterprises by the Supreme Audit Office—has been passed by the deputies and is now in the Senate.
  • We have rescued the Bill on the Registry of Contracts—the Ministry of Interior and coalition deputies are now finalizing a compromise version of the bill.
  • 4 other bills are already in the pipeline.
  • We newly have 30 supporters from among the ranks of senators.

None of these achievements would have been possible without you—goodwill ambassadors, donors, colleagues, supporters... in short, people who care about how politics is done in this country. Thank you for not giving up, and for reconstructing the state together with us!

More news from Reconstruction of the State

We recently had the honor of learning that the enemies of transparency value our work enough to pay for a smear campaign! The members of parliament recently found an anonymous pamphlet in their mailboxes that “laid bare” the “vehement” insistence by Reconstruction of the State that the duty to disclose contracts “concerns the broadest possible circle of state-controlled enterprises”—in other words, that disclosure of contract contents be applied also to state-controlled companies, such as ČEZ, who work overtime to stay exempt from legislation. The Blesk tabloid gave this anonymous broadside full-page treatment. Well, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! We phoned Blesk about this, and you can read a blog or watch a video (only available in Czech). You can also read more details (in English) in our latest press release.

What’s new with the Bill on the Registry of Contracts?

KDU-ČSL unexpectedly persuaded the coalition council in September that the draft legislation additionally needs an impact assessment study (normally not required to support drafts tabled by MPs). For weeks now, a parliamentary working group has been negotiating with the Ministry of the Interior on a compromise final draft, to be supplemented by such a study.

You can read more about the remaining bills here.

We want regular meetings with coalition leaders

Since most remaining bills are lagging behind schedule, we officially asked the leaders of the three coalition parties in October to meet with us regularly in the coming months to keep us informed on coalition council meetings and the progress of work at the government ministries. There have not been any meetings to date with the leaders of ČSSD and KDU-ČSL, but Andrej Babiš has set up teams of ANO deputiesregarding the individual bills and promised to meet with us once a month. The outcomes of the first meetings with the ANO movement are available here.

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