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22 June 2018

Randstad: Why employer branding matters

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Whether you realize it or not, your company already has an employer brand. Thanks to today's technology and dozens of online employer review boards, candidates have access to more information about your company than ever before.

Your current employees, past employees and even past applicants all have the power to share their experience anonymously online for future prospective candidates to evaluate. Just one negative review can hinder your ability to attract top talent, especially without a strong employer brand to stand behind.

Should this concern you? Yes. A recent study revealed that 95 % of job applicants take a company's reputation into consideration when making career choices. Companies with positive brands get twice as many applications as companies with negative brands, and they spend less money on employees (up to 10% less).

As people work for cultures, not companies, their perception of you as an employer is of paramount importance. Both recruiters and candidates cite company culture as one of the most important determinants in employer choice. The 2015 PwC research showed that some 87% of candidates joined a company specifically because of cultural fit whereas 80% have left a company specifically because of its culture.

Employer branding and its perception by wide population is in the centre of Randstad Employer Brand Research, a study that has been conducted for 17 years, now in 30 countries and the Czech Republic has become one of them for the first time. Nearly 7 500 Czech working population have assessed TOP 150 largest employers regarding their attractiveness as their potential employer.

They have also evaluated them on a set of 10 following drivers playing pivotal role when looking for a new job: financially healthy, uses latest technology, very good reputation, job security, career progression, gives back to society, interesting job content, pleasant work atmosphere, work-life balance, attractive salary and benefits.

Who are the most attractive employers? Look at the TOP 10:

1. Microsoft



4. IBM

5. LEGO Production

6. SAP Services

7. Plzeňský Prazdroj

8. Sellier&Bellot

9. ČEZ

10. Kofola

Do you think that attractive employer´s brand does all the work for you? Nope – it´s crucial for luring the best talents, but other factors enter the game when deciding whether to accept job offer or not. We have asked for important factors that matter to candidates when looking for a new job. Look at the top 5 most important and top 5 least important ones.
6-2018_Randstad_1_What employees want when choosing new job
6-2018_Randstad_2_What employees DO NOT want when choosing new job

All the factor that drive candidate´s attention should be visibly connected with your brand. How? Make it a company-wide strategy.

Employer branding cannot be a stand-alone strategy, but rather a company-wide campaign. Your employer brand should be consistent with your overall company brand and it should fit within the values and mission of the company.

Successful integration of your employer brand within the company structure requires cooperation from all levels of management. It is important to pull team members from various departments and management levels to develop a cohesive brand that effectively highlights your company as an employer.

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