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KPMG: Chamber of Deputies likely to override president´s veto of Corporate Criminal Liability bill

Under the new law, an unlawful act committed in the name or interest of a corporate entity, or within its activity, will constitute a criminal act of such entity. Corporate entities can only be prosecuted for crimes explicitly defined in the Act. These include tax evasion, failure to pay obligatory insurance premiums, distortion of data […]

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KPMG: Tax reform to be discussed by the Senate

Amendments prepared in connection with the introduction of the Single Collection Point will shortly be discussed by the Senate, after the Chamber of Deputies approved Print No. 473 in the third reading. A motion to postpone the effective date of this Act to 2014, as agreed by the Coalition, was withdrawn during the discussions and, […]

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An extensive amendment of the labour code proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs was passed by Parliament on 9 September, 2011, yet the Senate and its left-winged majority turned the bill down during its meeting on 7 September. However, as expected, the governmental coalition outvoted the Senate’s veto and the amended law […]

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Havel, Holásek & Partners: AMENDMENT TO EMPLOYMENT ACT

The amendment to the Czech Employment Act aims at removing the most burning issues of the labour market, focusing on illegal work, job brokerage, employment of the disabled, and retraining. The major illegal-work related issue that has come under the spotlight of our lawmakers is the so called Svarc system (in Czech švarcsystém). Under the […]

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On 8 September, 2011, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament received a government bill related to the establishment of a single collection point and amending certain tax and insurance laws, in particular Act on public health insurance, and Act on social security and state employment policy contributions. The proposed changes should also apply […]

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Havel, Holásek & Partners: Svarz System Declared Illegal

On 6 November, 2011, the Czech Parliament outvoted the Senate’s veto on the governmental bill of the Employment Act. The amended law will broaden the definition of illegal work by dependent activities carried on outside of employment, the so called Svarc system (in Czech švarcsystém). The amended law will become effective on 1 December, 2012. […]

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MPO: Entrepreneurs withdrew 25% of OPPI funds

Czech entrepreneurs and tradesmen obtained over CZK 25 bln from the Operational Programme ‘Business and Innovations’ (OPPI). Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba said that more than 6,000 Czech entrepreneurs have been pledged support from this Operational Programme. Entrepreneurs will get over CZK 10 bln from the EU subsidies through the Ministry of Industry […]

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Linea Recta: Easy-Studio now launches the Easy Campaign!

Try out our “low budget” service: Easy-Studio and earn some Easy money! Use the voucher code on our website and get 500 Kč discount on your first job! During the past 20 years Linea Recta gained a lot of experience in the advertisement business. Doing numerous projects for the most demanding and professional customers […]

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PwC Legal enters the Czech market

New law firm PwC Legal, with offices in Prague and Brno has entered the Czech market. PwC Legal is a commercial transactions and project law firm, which offers a full range of legal services to all major industries. At the same time, a new legal firm PwC Legal has been announced in Slovakia. In addition […]

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HAVEL, HOLÁSEK & PARTNERS is the most recommended law firm of 2011

For the fourth time in a row, Havel, Holásek & Partners was awarded in the official Czech legal competition, Law Firm of the Year. This year, the firm placed first in the area of public procurement, thus confirming its success that was attained in this category in 2009. Havel, Holásek & Partners was also quoted […]

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