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26 June 2014

LeasePlan supports the House of Three Wishes which helps children in need

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The House of Three Wishes helps children in need
The House of Three Wishes helps children in need 2
One of the charity organizations supported by LeasePlan is the non-profit organization House of Three Wishes. It helps children who are in danger due to a grave family situation and who need immediate expert help. The House of Three Wishes strives to decrease the number of children living in unsatisfactory conditions, and aims to prevent such children from being placed in orphanages or other institutions.
The organization helps children who are in danger because of educational problems, behavioral dysfunction, social or relation problems within the family, as well as those who have encountered child abuse, harassment or negligence, children of parents who are in hospital or in jail, who suffer from psychiatric disorders or who are dependent on substance abuse. LeasePlan financially supported the House of Three Wishes this year with a contribution that allows these children get access to a range of sport activities.
The House of Three Wishes helps children from the age of three to the age of eighteen from the city of Prague and its vicinity. Each year, about 150 children are treated by this organization. There are three premises under the House of Three Wishes, one for longer-term stay, another for day-care, and yet another with educational purposes. This model of three premises that are tightly connected with one another has been created based on year-long experience in working with children in danger. It is a unique concept within the Czech Republic.
The three premises: The house of Přemysl Pittr for children has been in operation for eleven years, providing temporary residence to children who are in immediate need (usually up to three months). At the same time, the organization focuses on work with parents so that the children may return home to a healthier and safer environment more suitable for growing up. The children are under supervision of tutors, social workers and a psychologist who help guide them through a tough situation in their life. The children continue going to their schools or nurseries, or to schools in the vicinity of the house who cooperate with the organization on a long-term basis. The team of professionals is supported by volunteers who devote their time helping children with school assignments. Last year, there were 43 children stationed at this house.
The three premises: The day-care center has been in use for eight years and is aimed at children who have finished their stay at the house of Přemysl Pittr, children from difficult families who do not need to stay away from home and who can be treated in a day-care, and children who prepare to enter the long-term stay. Assisted meetings of parents in divorce take place here. The children and families are supported by social workers and a psychologist. Last year, the center assisted 79 children.
The three premises: The Mezipatro child-care center was opened just last year. The children endangered by long-term social crisis may share their suffering here, and find expert help their grave situation, as well as find understanding within the therapeutic and educational programs. A team of social workers, a psychologist, lectors and volunteers help the children. Since October of last year, the center regularly helps twelve children.
Further details about the activities of the House of Three Wishes may be found on their web site:
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