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20 February 2012

Investment incentives expert joins PwC Tax and Legal Services team

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PwC_Zbyněk Pokorný.JPG

PwC Czech Republic Tax and Legal Services team was strengthened at the beginning of February by the addition of Zbyněk Pokorný, Manager specialised in the area of tax incentives. He has 6 years of experience in administration and consultancy on new investment projects under the investment incentives scheme. Prior to joining PwC, Zbyněk worked for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, most recently as the Head of the Investments Unit.
In his new role Zbyněk, as a PwC Tax and legal services Manager, will specialise in the area of tax investment incentives and their application in specific projects.
“I will be happy to share the experience with our clients that I built up from the more than one hundred investment projects that were under my direction”, said Zbyněk.
Zbyněk Pokorný (31) graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. Zbyněk is single and enjoys spending his free time mostly by doing sport.


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