Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Data Engineer - EY

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In our Advanced Analytics team, you will participate in machine learning projects. Typically, these are customer retention projects. We help companies predict which customers will leave them and understand why they are leaving. We will also suggest to them what they can do to stay with them.

„In my team, you will encounter the real application of AI, data science and data engineering in business from as many perspectives as in any other place. We are thinking today and every day about how to adapt the use cases of data science to our clients so that the result is a useful product and real added value. But expect that it will be not only interesting, but also hard work – we have our hands dirty with real data and client needs, which is often a different situation from nice and straightforward examples known from schools and online courses. The reward is that we do both smart and useful things, and moreover in a team that really lives by it. You will get a view from us. You will learn from colleagues, you will get a counselor and you will grow personally. Once you have mastered something, we will allow you to get certified. Mostly, these are quite expensive tests that we will pay for you.”

Michal Kecera, senior manager, Advanced Analytics team

Here are some things that are essential to this job.

You study mathematics, statistics, quantitative analysis or computer science and are looking for a part-time job.

You have experience with data analysis, programming and AI.

You know the methods and procedures for handling big data and how to test it.

You program in Python and SQL.

You have a passion for the cause. You will constantly learn new things.

You speak and write good English.

And most importantly, it must be a good match. You will spend a lot of time with colleagues, so you have to sit humanly.

Starting salary according to experience and benefits that are guaranteed to make you happy. Here are a few of them.

Paid leave according to the number of hours worked.

iPhone and laptop for private purposes.

Benefit points for travel, languages, sports or relaxation.

Online medical advice Ulékař

Access to the educational portal

Job Category: IT
Job Type: Internship
Job Location: Prague
Sorry! This job has expired.
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