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Digitization, electromobility, innovation in car sales planning and development of long-term market or distribution strategies. The production and sale of cars is undergoing major changes, after which the hood will not remain on the hood. We are looking for students who want to start consulting in the field of Automotive & Mobility with us during their studies. We do meaningful projects, which always differ in something, but they are always connected by added value from the perspective of the end customer. You will get an overview from us and you will see the results. You will learn from colleagues, you will get an experienced colleague and you will grow personally.

"We can come up with a new strategy or innovation that will move clients' business a long way forward. At work, you will combine careful analysis with creative ideas that have a real impact on how companies are doing. As an Intern, you will participate in projects for large companies, with the best professionals in the field and in a group of people where you will enjoy it. Your daily bread will be the creation of presentations, reports, strategies, studies and other client outputs in Czech and English.

Your internship is just beginning with us. If you get the job done, we will definitely agree on an extension of cooperation. We will meet your needs when planning your work, so that you can combine work, school and personal life. "

Petr Knap, Partner, Automotive & Mobility team

We know you're only at the beginning of your career. But here are a few things that are essential to this job.

You are studying the last year of a bachelor's or master's degree.

You have time to spend 3 days a week with us.

You speak and write good English.

You enjoy not only working with data, but also communication, you can even come up with your own ideas.

You want to constantly learn new things about business processes, business, cars and the ecosystem around them.

And most importantly, it must be a good match. You will spend a lot of time with colleagues, so you have to sit humanly.

The tender has started. You can get involved at any time - we can agree on the start date individually, but we would very much like to go to August, or September.

We are very happy to meet you! Fill in some information about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Job Category: finance
Job Type: Internship
Job Location: Prague
Sorry! This job has expired.
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