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3 April 2014

Global Challenges, Dutch Innovations

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FvD-SVP-Tedx Binnenhof

TEDxBinnenhof Prague Viewing Party

TED talks, for those who don't know, are the bringing together of the world's greatest and most innovative minds in order to share their ideas with a larger audience and hopefully make their ideas a reality. Since 2006, TED talks have been available online for the whole world to view and perhaps open their minds to new and innovative ideas.

TEDx talks are independently organised talks and events which happen throughout the world, under the TED name, and are going on everywhere in the world, from capital cities to universities, from the UK to China and back again.

One such TEDx talk was held recently in the Netherlands- TEDxBinnenhof, with the theme of "Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions". In keeping with this theme, TEDxBinnenhof organised several viewing parties around the world- one of which was held in Prague, in the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

On the 31st of March, hundreds of people around the world settled into their seats for a 4 hour TED extravaganza, ready to learn more about issues and the way that the greatest Dutch minds are trying to solve them.

As well as the Dutch speakers, the Prague viewing party was also treated to two live speakers- Hynek Bartík, talking about new innovations in lighting and how technology could revolutionise the way we use light in cities; and Petr Pražký, talking about new innovations in energy and how everyone could contribute their ideas in order to completely change the way we all consume energy.

As of right now, the TEDxBinnenhof 2014 talks aren't on the TED website, but there are thousands of other innovative ideas and talks to view. The TEDxPrague talk will be held on the 21st June 2014, at the Hybernia theatre. More information can be found at and for more information on other TED talks or just to watch some, visit

By Emma Atkinson (Pragueconnect)
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