Sushi Cooking Show

ReShare collection bin

17.30 - 21.30

17.30 – 18.00  Welcome drink
18.00 – 21.30  Cooking lesson + dinner
Culinary Master Classes lead by the Executive chef Valerio Bussandri and Alayham Ghanem!
Members:1,500 CZK
Non-members: 3,000 CZK
- whole fee donated to Salvation Army

The last Cooking Show this year with Japanese cuisine was a great success. Besides the fun all the ladies enjoyed together, we also contributed to a good cause. The full entrance fee, 18,000 CZK was donated to our member - the Salvation Army. Thanks to this event and generosity of Hilton Prague Old Town, the Salvation Army was able to buy another collection bin for collecting old clothes and create new work opportunities for the disadvantaged through their new social project ReShare. For more information about ReShare please visit our webpage or contact

After a welcome drink, we had a ladies evening preparing Maki, Nigiri and California Rolls. The atmosphere was just amazing and thanks to the professional chefs from Hilton Prague Old Town, Valerio Bussandri and Alayham Ghanem, the ladies got all the answers to the tricky questions they asked.

In the hotel kitchen we went through the whole process of choosing the right ingredients for sushi (rice, rice vinegar, nori, wasabi, soy sauce), through the right preparation of rice, slicing salmon, tuna, avocado and other vegetables to the final forming of Nigiri and rolling Maki and California Rolls. The evening was finished with dinner at Zinc Restaurant with our sushi creations and delicious wine. All of the participants received a Certificate, the ingredients for Sushi that can be made at home, and other gifts from the Hilton Prague Old Town.


A few tips how to prepare great sushi:

  • Japanese short-grain rice or Korean rice are the only kinds rice that can be used for making sushi. Rinse with warm water, cook for 24 min without salt in ratio rice:water 1 : 1. After cooking add some sushisu into warm rice (for ½ kg of rice 120 ml sushisu), mix and allow to cool to room temperature.
  • Sushisu can be prepared also at home - rice vinegar and water in same ration plus 5 spoons of sugar (and some salt - not necessary).
  • When buying raw fish for sushi keep in mind that the eyes should be completely clear, the gills still red, not turning grey and the fish (or its packaging) should not have any fishy odours.
  • The best soy sauce for sushi available on the Czech market is Kikkoman.
  • Nori (seaweed sheets) is often cut into two or three strips to make maki rolling easier, the shiny part of Nori should be outside the rolls.
  • Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) is available powdered, adding some water can be turned into a solid substance, or in tubes.
  • Pickled ginger, daikon (Japanese radish), seaweed salad, sesame seeds or others are optional but interesting items to have for sushi authenticity.
Many thanks to Hilton Prague Old Town for organizing this charity event with us!
Martina Netuhová
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