Changes in the law of contract

In cooperation with Havel, Holásek & Partners, we are preparing for you a seminar on changes in the law of contract, introduced by the New Civil Code 2014 (Lecture 1), and the New Act on Business Corporations (Lecture 2).
Changes in the law of contract 1

Major changes in the law of contracts introduced by the New Civil Code 2014

Jana Buršíková, Counsel 
  • New possible ways of formation of contract in the Czech law and how to eliminate risk of „unwanted“ contracts or contracts with „unwanted“ contractual terms and conditions.
  • Standard contractual terms and conditions; how to change them unilaterally and what are the „dangerous“ clauses in standard contractual terms and conditions?
  • New rules for the protection of weaker contractual party: EU standard or undesirable legal uncertainty?
  • New ways how to achieve termination or renegotiation of disadvantageous contracts: hardship clause and leasio enormis rule.
  • New concept of precontractual liability and what information the contractual party is obliged to disclose to its partners in the course of contract negotiation?  

Major changes in the law of contracts introduced by the Business Corporations Act 2014

Kateřina Surková, Senior Associate
  • Relationship between Civil Code and Business Corporations Act;
  • New approach related to the acting on behalf of the company;
  • Main changes in limited liability companies;
  • Main changes in joint stock company;
  • New rules regarding intra-group relations.
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