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7 June 2012

Environmental mobility with Business Lease

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79_Business Lease_skutr
It doesn’t always have to be a solution on four wheels. Business Lease has prepared for its clients a two-wheeled solution – the Vmoto e-max electric scooters, distributed by the E.ON Group.
This is an attractive means of transport particularly suitable for the routes in the urban or industrial areas, which are often extensive and to get from one end to another is not a task for pedestrians... while a car is often a too costly solution. In such case the next in the line is a scooter. And if a scooter, then with regard to the environment – it should be electric. The high economy of its operation is an economic benefit for anyone who wants to travel cleanly and inexpensively.
With its ecological operation this scooter fits into the Blue Care program provided by Business Lease, which is profiled in the operational leasing market as a leader in the socially responsible mobility. The Blue Care program offers its clients a comprehensive methodology on how to deal with the vehicle fleet sensitively and environmentally friendly. The program focuses on the reduction of CO2 emissions and consists of consulting, training and motivation of drivers, monitoring and measuring the CO2 emissions and allows the compensation of the residual CO2.
The E.ON electric scooters can be borrowed for a test drive and can be also leased. When leasing for 3 years with the zero down payment, including liability insurance, the monthly payment comes to 1,700 CZK.
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Range: 45 to 60 km
Recharging time: 3 to 5 hours
Cost of gasoline: 0.2 CZK/1 km
Charging is done from a standard electrical plug
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