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30 August 2012

BUSINESS LEASE supports principles of social responsibility

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Volunteer activities, help to children in Africa, support of teenagers leaving children's homes, ecology - in one word social responsibility. Along with sustainable growth, these are a natural and integral part of how Business Lease operates.

Business Lease, the leasing company, is not only a leader in the area of socially responsible mobility, but it also literally "gives a helping hand" to those in need, particularly through its participation in the Corporate Responsibility Club (CRC) of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce. This club unites about twenty members of the Chamber who are interested in the principles of sustainability, and want to support and cultivate them among themselves and throughout the Czech Republic.

The Business Lease way of doing business is based on these principles. One example of these principles in action is the successful green car fleet project called Blue Care. Moreover, employees and their families, including children, engage in volunteer work. The company cooperates with renowned NGOs, which guarantees that the help will really reach those who need it, whether children in Africa or children's homes the Czech Republic.

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In the latter case, Business Lease gives the kind of support that it can do best – car leasing, including service, free of charge. For the second year in a row, people from Rozmarýna non-profit organization can drive to children's homes in Central Bohemia and the Pilsen area, where they organize various workshops, psycho-social and other activities. They teach teenagers leaving children's homes how to live on their own and how to become active members of society. This type of support is a unique service, and the people of Business Lease are proud to help.

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