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29 February 2012

AFS: scholarships for the school year of 2012/2013

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Between 1 and 10 February, AFS Mezikulturní programy, o.s. organized the second round of selections for scholarships that AFS grants to high school students for their study programs abroad. 28 students applied and 8 of them were granted scholarship for their outstanding performance.During August and September 2012, these students will depart for their year and trimester programs to Denmark, Brazil and Germany. Their host families and host schools are looking forward to meeting them.
AFS sends students to 60 countries in the whole world. Every year AFS grants several kinds of scholarships for programs in selected countries. This year the scholarships for programs in Germany were granted in cooperation with foundations Deutsch – Tsechischer Zukunftfonds and Baden – Württemberg Stiftung. The scholarships on programs in Brazil and Denmark were granted from AFS fund Sbírka Jaroslavy Moserové. The fund was established two years ago and is named after significant physician and senator Jaroslava Moserová who was also one of the first Czech students who were sent on AFS program to USA in 1947. She played a significant role in reopening AFS office in the Czech Republic at the beginning of 90s. Since 2009 AFS has supported 5 students thanks to this fund. They studied in Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Egypt.
AFS volunteers launched a new project called Dosí stoly. Dos is a shortcut for Dobrovolnická skupina (Volunteer Group). AFS has 8 regional volunteer groups throughout the Czech Republic, altogether they comprise around 100 volunteers. Dosí stoly is an informal occasion to meet AFS host families, hosted foreign students, parents who send their children abroad, alumni, volunteers and AFS friends who all meet to exchange experiences, plan activities and discuss about AFS topics at a round table. AFS volunteers launched this project in Prague in autumn 2011 and since the beginning of 2012 it has been successfully spreading to Czech regions. With help of this project AFS passes on experiences across generations and regions and spreads the significance of intercultural learning in today multicultural and connected world.

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