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27 March 2013

3rd TNT Green Week

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TNT_Green Week

TNT Express is a strong player in the CSR field. It is important for us to educate our employees in social responsibility and explain to them why we do what we do. That´s why every April we organise an event called Green Week. This educational programme for employees focuses on key global issues, such as environmental protection, and presents ways to reduce social differences with humanitarian aid.

Green Week starts on March 23 on the occasion of Earth Hour, a worldwide symbolic mass participation event. TNT Express will join 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and switch its logo off for an hour as a show of concern for the environment. From this moment one day every week in March and April, will be dedicated to a specific green theme.

Employees can look forward to environmental presentations, discussions, movies, competitions, sales of non-traditional products from Namibia, organic products, fair trade products and more. We also organise an hour-long bike ride in Chrášťany in cooperation with AutoMat. In addition there will be a flea market. Everyone can bring items or clothes which they no longer have any use and these will then be offered for sale for a symbolic price to other colleagues. The amount gained from this collection will be devoted to children from children´s homes. There will also be an e-waste collection during this month.

Green Week ends on April 22 on the occasion of Earth Day. Employees will have the opportunity to ride a special bike which can convert the released energy into fresh orange juice, so they can enjoy TNT juicy orange taste. This is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Every employee will also receive a small gift as a memory of TNT Green Week 2013.

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